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Student Testimonials
"Dear Ms Crosby. I hope life is going well for you. I hope you keep being the teacher you are, fun, funny and always happy. You are a very good teacher. I know I’m struggling in your class and I’m going to improve. You come to school everyday with a smile on your face. You put smiles on other people faces, and that’s what I like about you. Your class is so fun because we do activities like projects, games and make jokes. You are the coolest teacher in the school. You explain things very well so we understand. You are one of my favorite teachers. " Raymond B., 7th Grade, Century Academy for Excellence, Inglewood
"Dear Ms Crosby. I love your class and you as a teacher. I love how you com to class ready to get through the day with a positive attitude. I like how you are getting us ready for the world like teaching us the use of computers, banking and right now budgeting. Ms. Crosby I feel like you care about our future and how we run it. I like that about your character shows a lot to me and means a lot to me because some teachers don’t ready care. Its just about passing theclass and see you around. I don’t now how to end this letter so I will just see you around when I graduate and you’re a teacher I will miss. " Brianna B., 8th Grade, Century Academy for Excellence, Inglewood
"Dear Ms Crosby. I thank your for teaching me the wonderful language of ASL. I hope one day to be fluent in Asl and have a part-time Job as an interpreter " Jaya G., 7th Grade, Century Academy for Excellence, Inglewood
"My feedback about this class is 10 out of 10. I never knew about the deaf culture or famous deaf people. I appreciated it when you brought Mark Bowman and when you took us to Marlton School for the Deaf to see the deaf. You Rock!" Anonymous
"I learned many things about American Sign Language. In class I learned that deaf People could be born deaf. Can get deaf by an illness or in an accident. American Sign Language is very important to me in this school. I will remember American Signe Language by the person who is taught me which was Ms. Stewart. I would like to say thank you for teaching me because I wouldn’t learned it so well." Jazionea L.
"My feedback on this class is that I love this class because we do many exciting things. I love ASL because it’s awesome and cool. I appreciate all the hard work you have done for us." Anonymous
"I learned a lot in this class and also like this class. I learned lots of cool signs. Also I learned that people are hearing and deaf like not talking. I learned yes and no questions also about the WH words. I enjoyed all the activities and projects. I enjoyed being with my classmates. I enjoyed all the trips we went to in ASL" Anonymous
"I learned that is doesn’t matter if are deaf you could still follow your dreams no matter what. I also learned that it is import to know how to communicate with people if you are deaf because if you don’t you will suffer al lot through a lot of things." Anonymous
"I just love this class so much that I don’t want to leave this classroom or the subject. Also I wish you could stay at CCCS" Eduardo V
"What I liked about this class is the activities we did. I also enjoyed the movies we watched in class. Finally learned a lot about deaf people." Anonymous
"Ms. Stewart You Rock!!! You were like in a tie in my favorite teachers for #1. You were kind, sweet and really funny. I had a lot of fun in this class you were great. I hope the other school likes you as much as we do." Jay
"I saw people making things with their hands and I thought they were just crazy but I know now that they are communicating with people through sign language. It’s been great having you at CCS Teaching us another language." Anonymous
"The thing I have learned is that we should respect deaf people." Anonymous
"My feedback about this class was that it was really fun. It was better than 5th grade because we were in many performances. By the way the only 6th grade that was in many important plays were our class. But especially I will really miss Mrs. Stewart. She is a very fun person once you get to meet. When she is signing ASL it is so fast like in Hyper speed X5(WOW). She is such a great teacher and smart to be working with" Esteban Y
"You are fun, happy and I learned American Sign Language. Also what I learned are facts about the deaf and their culture. " Anonymous
"I appreciate Ms. Stewart for everything she has done. I especially appreciate that she brought a famous deaf person to our class. And I learned that deaf people if they are talking they don’t mind if you walk through their conversation so you can get to the other side. And hearing people do care if you walk through their conversation. That is why I appreciate Ms. Stewart because she does all this stuff for us. " Anonymous
" WOW. My feedback was I love this class. This class was the best class of my 6th grade and all thanks to Ms. Stewart. Thanks for all you have taught us I appreciate all of the hard work you did for us. " Anonymous